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Tattoo removal is an excellent option for patients looking to remove, revise, or dramatically lighten their tattoo. The medical professionals at Findlay MedSpa in Findlay, Ohio offer laser tattoo removal using the state of the art PicoSure® laser from Cynosure. Laser tattoo removal sessions can last as little as 10 minutes each, and no downtime is needed.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

What is involved in laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal with PicoSure can efficiently lighten and eventually eliminate tattoos from the skin. PicoSure has several different wavelengths to allow your tattoo removal treatment provider to target different colors and depths of ink. The standard PicoSure wavelength is 755nm, and additional 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths are available.

With each treatment, the colors will become lighter and lighter, eventually disappearing. The PicoSure laser breaks down the ink particles using a laser that fires every one-trillionth of a second (that’s 1000 times faster than the previous generation of tattoo removal lasers). This shatters the pigment into microscopic particles, which are then flushed out of your body over time through your lymphatic system.

Tattoo removal is priced by the number of square inches of ink. The tattoo is measured during the initial consultation to determine the exact size of the tattoo and the number of treatments required for removal.

A price will be set for each treatment based on the following:


How many treatment sessions are needed for a tattoo removal?

It varies from patient-to-patient based on factors such as tattoo size, the intricacy of the tattoo, and the depth of the tattoo ink. The majority of patients need multiple tattoo removal sessions for optimal results.

You're likely to notice a dramatic lightening of the tattoo ink after only 1-2 sessions. Sessions are usually scheduled 8-10 weeks apart to give your body adequate time to reabsorb the ink particles before your next session.

Can all colors of ink be removed?

The PicoSure laser is unique because it can target not just black ink but brightly colored inks as well. Other tattoo removal lasers haven't shown great success with bright colors like purple, but PicoSure can often target these vibrant colors quite efficiently. In fact, many patients who opt for tattoo removal with PicoSure have multi-color tattoos.

What are the main benefits of laser tattoo removal with PicoSure?

Laser tattoo removal with PicoSure has numerous benefits, including:

  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Lasers are non-invasive
  • No darkening of skin in the treatment area
  • No bruising
  • Minimal recovery time (most patients don't need to take any time off work)

If you have tattoos that you just don't want to see when you look in the mirror, contact Findlay MedSpa today by phone or email.  

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