Saying Goodbye To Stubborn Fat With SculpSure®

Have you spent a significant amount of time and effort to lose your love handles but you still don’t have the results you want? SculpSure® can help you reduce areas of stubborn fat that have proven resistant to diet and exercise.

Our team at Findlay MedSpa in Findlay, Ohio, wants you to feel confident in your body. That’s why we offer SculpSure®, a laser treatment that minimizes unwanted fat and offers you a toned, slim physique. We know you’ll love your results and the safe, effective SculpSure® technology.

Frustrations with stubborn fat

There are two types of fat. Visceral fat is deep under your skin and surrounds the organs. Too much visceral fat can contribute to the development of numerous diseases like diabetes. Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, isn’t really harmful, but it is more visible. It’s the type of fat that gives you a muffin top and jiggles when you move.

Getting rid of subcutaneous fat can be difficult. Exercise and diet help you reach your ideal weight, but it doesn’t always translate to a perfectly toned physique. It’s possible to still see an unwanted bulge or two in various places. Why? Because when you lose weight, your fat cells shrink, but they don’t actually go away. Genetics and stress can also contribute to difficulties in losing body fat.

SculpSure® is an effective treatment for getting rid of stubborn fat because it can offer results beyond what you can achieve with diet and exercise, and it has fewer risks than weight loss surgeries.

Real results with SculpSure®

Diet and exercise reduce the amount of fat in your cells, but SculpSure® takes it to the next level, permanently removing fat cells from your body. That’s what makes SculpSure® so effective, and how it helps you look slimmer and more contoured.

SculpSure® uses laser lipolysis technology to heat fat cells below the surface of your skin. The laser energy damages the fat cells beyond repair, and you body absorbs and slowly eliminates them through your natural lymphatic system. Once eliminated, these fat cells don’t regenerate.

The SculpSure® system is most effective if you’re already at a healthy weight and just want to see a decrease in isolated pockets of fat. It’s FDA-cleared to reduce fat in the following parts of your body:

You’ll see some results as soon as six weeks after treatment and maximum fat loss in three months. Each treatment can reduce the fat cells in the targeted area by as much as 24%, and the results are long-lasting.

Safe and convenient procedure

Weight loss surgeries carry the risks of infection, scarring, and other complications. SculpSure®, on the other hand, is noninvasive and nonsurgical, and it doesn’t require anesthesia. This means no scars, no risks from sedation, and no extensive preparation or downtime.

During your treatment, you can even relax. The laser energy targets your fat cells without any damage to surrounding tissue, and it’s nearly pain free. You may feel a generally well-tolerated warming sensation or tingling, but an alternating cooling effect and heat laser keep you comfortable.

One 25-minute session of SculpSure® takes up very little time in your busy day. Our team usually recommends 2-3 treatments for best results. This is a significantly small amount of time for such significant weight loss results.

It’s time for you to stop struggling to remove stubborn fat pockets with diet and exercise alone. If you’re ready to get a toned, slim physique, schedule an appointment at Findlay Med Spa today. You can call us or use our convenient online contact form.

*Individual results may vary

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